Some questions about Sentinel's Earthscorcher node

I have some questions regarding how this node actually works, so I don’t make any unnecessary point allocations trying to scale my damage.

I’ve put together a build where I’m using warpath, rive, javelin, smite, and manifest armor. The goal of my build is to stack up as many ignites as possible, and scale those ignites. I don’t care about physical damage at all, I only care about the intensity of my ignites, and maybe since it scales on elemental/fire damage anyway - the melee fire damage on my warpath.

So my questions are…

1.) Does bleed duration also get converted to ignite duration? Say from… idols? Weapon bases with +bleed duration passives? The extended bleed duration from Gorebringer?

2.) Is there a maximum number of ignites I can apply to my targets?

3.) Are there any uniques or set items available that provide additional chance to ignite, additional fire damage, additional elemental damage, ignite duration, or any other useful stats for my build concept?

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

No, only bleed chance, that’s what the node says.

Yes, depending on how the number is stored, but you won’t be able to hit it. Your maximum would be ignite chance * hits per second.

FYI, if you’re using Warpath, then “on use” means when you start channelling.