Some one NEEDS to make a filter blade syle filter site with GOOD premade filters for this games success

Basically the title. Not having access to a very simple yet accurate loot filter creator will make or break this game. For me this is going to be as far as I go for now until there’s a click and go filter creation system

The fact that this game comes with it’s own filter is insane and amazing but it’s still a very huge time investment requiring very precise adjustments or else you could completely brick it without even knowing it. You also have to have a lot of knowledge about the game to make sure you’re getting what you need while not having a screen full of clutter.

There are some generic filters out there already for each class but lets say you want a bleed minion acolyte with wraiths, skeletons and so on you have to create your own. It’d be amazing if some 5header out there made a system that could create a filter building app that could use generic options to create a filter and then create strictness versions of them based on tiers of affixes or whatever. All without having to click through every item and affix in the game to do so.

Personally I’m currently doing monoliths and need a filter that clears my screen so i’m not looking at everything that drops but also don’t want to potentially hide things I need. Unfortunately with the crafting system in this game it makes it even harder to know how to filter out items as well.

I apologize if this is all over the place and hard to read. I’ve been playing this game for 12 hours and then doing research and trying to create a filter.

You can download Heavy’s filters, they are available on the forum and are a good start point, and with a few adjustment you can better them for any build. There are some content creators videos on youtube about making filters that can help you too.
I prefer LE version of filters, where you make them in the game , instead of having to rely on external sites (like filterblade)
Once you get the gist of it you’ll realize that filters are pretty easy to make. You can even make a generic template and then copy it and complete it for every new build you make.
I’m not that proficient with filters, nor i have a huge amount of play time, and still it takes me at most 5-10 min to setup a filter for a new build.

Making a generic hide all show stuff for your class is ezpz.

What i’m trying to do is make it specific so i’m not double checking every item that drops and that’s just not something I have the will/brain power to do.

You know filter blades leveling filters? They need to have something like that but you can click options for what skills / sub classes you’re using like " bleed " “minion” “acolyte” “necro” “lich” skeleton" "wraith "and so on with different strictness. I’m not trying to do all that especially for each build I make.

Blockquote I prefer LE version of filters, where you make them in the game , instead of having to rely on external sites (like filterblade)

You’re lying or have never used filter blade for POE. You go there select minion leveling filter at league start then select uber strict at maps without ever having to change a single thing in the options the whole league.

Unfortunately with the way items / crafting work in this game you can’t do that. So there would be some minor options you have to select. but you wouldn’t have to create it from scratch.

Trust me even with the in game filter they have build in ( which is awesome ) it’s going to hurt the player retention of this game if everyone’s having to create their own ENDGAME filter. That’s coming from a guy with 6k hours in POE wanting to find another game to put those hours into after deciding to boycott GGG after their latest manifesto.

I did make very generic filters, because it is basically impossible to make specific filters for every single possible build.

The main difference in LE compared to PoE is:
PoE’s Loot Filter is mainly predictive, since items drop unidentified (for the most part)
Items in LE are not unidentified…

So when i initially created my Filters, i needed them to be as generic as possible to allow them for usage on every build.

The gearing and itemization in LE currently is way easier and straight forward and even a more casual player will be able to create a endgame filter wiht some minor effort.

Creating endgame viable filters is close to impossible without creating thousands of variants.

The LE filters do work with very basic xml text fiels, so you could in theory right a GUI/Website that creates a filter for you, simialr to Filterblade, but i don’t have the skillz for that.

But i really don’t think this is necessary. And I really doubt that this will have any noticeble effect on player retention.
If you play until endgame and you are “hooked”, the average player at this point will be invested enough to put some effort into configuring their own filter and if they are afraid of doing mistakes they will get to the forums or discord and ask for help, which alot of people here will happily do.

Exactly like I said. Because the way the gear / crafting works and items drop identified it’s hard to create a filter that stops you from having too much loot drop you have to look at without potentially losing something you might want. Also like whoever is clipped in the reddit post mentions you have to do each item and affix individually which is a huge NOPE.

Also I’m hooked with 6k+ hours invested into POE in 1.5 years but if it didn’t have premade and easily adjustable filters ( without actually having to edit it myself) for me i’d have about 50.

Unfortunately i’m only putting about 40 into this game for now because of the filter issues i’ve mentioned. I was hoping to to make this my main game after what GGG did in it’s last manifesto…

I think this will not work the way you think.

Nobody can exactly create a filter for a build that fits your exact needs.

For example on a minion build:

  • Are you going for a minion crit build?
  • melee?
  • spelldamage?
  • Elemental?

One could create a filter with rules for every possible minion build so you can just check. But this would mean 1 rule for 1 affix. Makes the filter ridiculously overwhelming wall of text. The effort to adapt such a filter to your exact needs is almost the same as to create a new rule and select affixes you need.

Instead of checking numerous single affix rules you can just add a rule, type in “minion” in the search box and check/uncheck affixes you want/don’t want.

And this is only for the minion part of your build. What about defenses?

  • Resistances are clear
  • But are you going for ward as secondary defense?
  • Endurance?
  • Maxing HP?
  • Dodge?
  • A combination of the above?
  • Do you go critical strike avoidance or less damage taken on crits?

There is not that one filter for a branch of builds.

What @Heavy did was to create general filters you can specify and expand on.

There is the opportunity that people creating build guides also share their filters.

But do they work for leveling, too? Are you going to filter for your current char only or are you also looking for twink gear? What class/mastery/build is your twink?

Who can know that and create a filter for that?

In my opinion in LE theres so much variety in builds that nobody can create the perfect fitting filter. You just can use very generic ones that you have to alter and adapt to your build and while you progress.

The usage of premade filters always has the potential to lock you to a certain playstyle the creator had in mind. This prevents from experiencing the freedom of LEs itemisation and character building systems to do things your way.

From what I read you have a PoE background are so are used to relying on third party tools and guides to make things work more effectively. LE is a bit different and more forgiving in that regard.

When I level a new character (I’ve done this a lot) I start with no filters. At the beginning you can mix stuff. On my actual Marksman I mixed throwing skills with ailment skills and elemental damage until a certain point. My aim is a DoT build but untill I got to Hail Of Arrows, I mixed everything based on the items I just found. Later i start to adapt and recolour specific affixes that I need, e.g. defensive stats I lack. A fully working and strict filter I use when starting monolith.

If you set up a filter too strict too early you might miss a lot if potentially good stuff. Theres is not that general “crap” and “no crap” stuff because this classification is subjective to you and depends on your playstyle, build idea and personal preferences.

There are and will be generic filters and specific filters for certain builds. But I don’t think this is the solution to a problem that needs to be solved.


Sorry , I simply cannot trust someone that calls me a liar or that pretends to know what I have or have not done.
I was just trying to give you my opinion on filters, and even trying to help you , but I find its simpler to just ignore people that come to a conversation with that kind of attittude.
Best of luck in your game.


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