Some ideas imo for Last epoch improvement

Hello to everyone !!! .

**I had played a big amount of Hack and Slash, Mmorpg, Morpg, Arpg and I am new to last epoch and i like it very much, thx for the game! Great Work. **
I had taste the game until now at level 50 and i have saw that the campaign is easy and some people told me that the difficulty is increased at the point of the end game. Better loot, more exp, more difficult, i think some heavy mobs and bosses.
For me, the difficulty of the game must be from the start and continue to an end or not. (continue evolving)
I have some ideas for the future to improved LE. They are mine, From my point of view.
I like the game, but I think it should evolve. Maybe this ideas in future will work, i dont know. Maybe not.

1) Change level of the characters to a max of 200.
**2) Change the difficulty ( hardest than now ) of the game from the start of the campaign to the end or not the end, like i said before. Improve mobs, boses, damage they deal, skills for them, health, and more. **
**3) The masteries and subclases LE has are Good. But I think each class and subclases must have More powerfull and usefull skills. **
4) Another belt for skills, Both of 5, 10 max. The skills can be improved with a tree like we have now, meanwhile we level up, and would be unlocked till we reach the level they need to be use.
5) More Classes and Subclases: Like Grim dawn, we could choose 2 masteries to level with, differents skills, passives, and the improvement of skills (tree) to be better and evolve to be more powerfull.
6) I will not touch the forge. I like it and its a simple crafting system that works fine.
7) Make game, campaign, dungeons, and end game to have much more content ( history too) with every patch. I will preffer 100 levels doing quests and enjoing the campaign with multiplayer and another 100 levels to do the end game. I think the game has a great potencial.
8) Like i said before, we could increase the number of classes like in the game grim dawn mod Dawn of Masteries have done. Or in the mod paths of Titan quest.
Here are some videos , pictures

Mod grim dawn dawn of masteries:
The Grim Dawn Dawn of Masteries Mod is Amazing! - YouTube
Mod Paths, Titan Quest:
Steam Workshop::Paths

That 2 mods adds more masteries and skills…

9) Rewards and powers or skills, for getting used to determined Weapons, armor or some kind of item equiped.

And I think its necesary for LE to build/produce/create, something special like grim dawn constelations power has got, For example.


  1. Devs said they are unlikely to increase the lvl limit
  2. Difficulty scaling is coming. Everyone knows the game is too easy until you reach end-game. Remember this is a beta so there is a lot of balance being worked on and parts of the game were added at different times so they have different difficulties & balance.
  3. There are quite a few missing skills that are still coming and other skills that havent been updated in a long time and are not good (like Tempest Strike)
  4. The devs have said they are not going to do this as its part of the game design
  5. There are more masteries planned - 3 for 1.0 launch, Runemaster, Falconer, Warlock. The devs have hinted that they may even add more as the game goes.
  6. Forge is good
  7. The game is in beta and we know that its missing at least three more chapters of campaign content - chapters 10, 11 and 12 are probably going to come after 1.0 launches. I dont agree with making it possible to go from level 1 to level 100 in the campaign - thats leaves nothing to do in the hardest end-game challenges when min/maxing is the main point. I estimate that over time with the new content, you will be able to get close to lvl 80 in the campaign, but thats must my view.
  8. I am not sure that they are going to go the dual class route of Grim Dawn, but we are getting new classes.
  9. Perhaps, sounds a little like Weavers Will items that were recently added - where using an item upgrades it. There are already bonuses in skills/passives that reward using certain weapons or other items.
  10. There are plans for a “paragon like” system but thats only after 1.0 launch.

I recommend reading this for more information of what is potentially coming to the game:


thx a lot !!

:hugs: welcome
weather i agree or not with your ideas,
I think any reasonable and fair feedback & ideas is more than welcome, generally when they are said with respect are from people who enjoy the game but see more potential to it.

I think this is highly debatable, if I’m not mistaken someone here questioned about any game that offers a fair amount of difficult right in it’s start.
Generally we have an overpowered char against weak monsters, because the game don’t want you to give up right from start. It’s a learning process that most games follow the same formula…

And to be fair LE requires you to be constantly active and using skills against mobs, because even the weakers ones can be deadly if you take no action against them

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