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Some ideas for Crafting and Set items

After 2 and a half months of playing and enjoying this awesome ARPG i wanted to add my oppinion about some minor issues and a possible way to fix them. I dont want to start a post war. This is a feedback that i hope developers read and take my oppinions into consideration. If some of the Last Epoch community disagree with it you can just ignore it. If you have a better idea or something to add feel free to do it.

Issue A) Crafting. I made another post about how strange the odds of crafting feels and i got a fast and awesome reply from Mike_Weicker and i kinda get it how the odds works. But its still feels a little dissapointing. Its already kinda hard to find the right item to craft. Imagine for example that you need an item with at least 2/4 affixes you need (and not another random affix that its useless for your build) and above T2-3 not to mess your damage/health/resistances and have a good chance not to break during crafting. It may sounds easy but with the randomization of the items/affixes drops in game, believe me its not. For example some classes get affixes that they dont need. For example Sentinel/Void Knight get cold dmg, necro dmg, elemental dmg etc.
I know it’s very hard to fix the dropped items to match the build that every player decide to follow so in my oppinion the most viable thing to do is to fix the crafting not to be so punishing. I gave it a lot of thinking and i believe the best way is to implant a rune in game that its kinda more rare to drop than other runes and it’ll either fix the fractured item and give to it like 5+ instability so players can continue crafting or return the weapon to the original state before the crafting started so player can have a 2nd opportunity if bad luck stroke him first time he tried to craft it. That ll be extra helpful with exalted items cause its VERY rare for an exalted item to drop with the affixes you want. After 2 months i got a pair of boots that fractured at 80%… :frowning:

Issue B) Set items. I know the game is still in beta and you patching it like crazy :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: and i know that soon you will implant legendary items in game. This suggestion is not for beta. Its a suggestion about half way after the release of the game. I would like to see some end game sets stronger than the ones currently exists that fits for every class/spec in game.

Thats my 2 cents after spending a lot of time last 2 and a half months in this game. Cheers for the developing team for all their effort to make this game awesome.