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Some feedback for pre-alpha

Hello all,


  • First of all the fact that this is a demo and a pre-alpha build i got to say i am super impressed with the look of the areas and things in them.
  • The feel of the skills is definitely there from monstrous Erasing strike to amazing take on fireball with barrage casting with chains etc.
  • Seeing as the game is in pre alpha i wont talk in terms of balance but movement speed after a item or 2 with movement speed bonus feels super with an ability to go bonkers if you stack this stat.
  • The defense system seems super interesting although hard to understand at the start if you are used to other systems (flat numbers).
  • Uniques so far feel like they are not a guaranteed 90% power of a perfect item or even worse a perfect item. I tried to build around the duo of "Ring of the third eye" on a 100% crit Void Knight getting to 1k Ward without any passives/specializations that give it etc.
  • Bosses have abilities that are telegraphed and feel uniques when you are facing them the first time.
  • Item mods feel like its showing the state of the game with seemingly small amount of affixes on certain slots but that will improve as the game goes on.
  • As a bit of a negative it seems like scaling spell damage is behind scaling of attacks. Looking just from the mods that scale damage its missing base spell dmg mods like flat dmg on weapons for attacks.

Now some questions about current state and plans for future.

  • At the moment most of my builds turned into a 2 damage skills and 3 generally supportive skills. Is this considered ok in your vision. Or better question how will more than 2 skills compete with say (ice ward,Fire shield,Innervate) or (Volatile reversal,Juggernaut stance,Ephemeral stance) etc.
  • Now regarding your class system. Your Tempest skill feels super smooth to play with. Seeing how Void Knight shares pre class with Paladin and they are supposed to share a few skills i guess there is a chance you can play Tempest Paladin. What i want to know is how about Blade dancer or Spellblade? The skill is super sweet (move and deal dmg) so do u have any alternatives planned for those classes
This is it for now got to sink some more hours into the game craft some perfect items. Goal atm is reeching 100k dmg crit with erasing strike to 1 shot 95% of arena.


At the moment im at 70k dmg with room to spare;)


Whoever designed the passive that gives mana back on skills with cost over 40 but expands 3 void essences is a genius lol. Getting 1 essence per crit is what ties this build together as-long as you are hitting 3+ mobs you can go all day;)

Can i see the skill tree for erasing strike and mabye your gear?

I cant get higher than 5k crits, with gear all stacked for void damage, im probably missing something somewhere.

here is a imgur album with a few pics.

The most important thing is the weapon so i hope you get a nagiata with like T4 like mine did and good luck on crafting lol i bricked like 6 insane weapons be4 i got this.

Thanks for the feedback!

I’d say 2 damaging skills and 3 support skills is alright-- this will be very subject to change of course.

Different base classes will have very different skills, so spellblade and bladedancer won’t just have tempest with a different coat of paint. Bladedancer will definitely be a mobile class, while spellblade will be a more aggressive, close range caster.