Some damage ignored ward at least few times already

Some damage ignored ward at least few times already, at least one time it killed my character instantly, while i still had ward. Screenshot was made few seconds after death, after ward decayed already. Last player logs attached (reported later, so it should be at around 8pm gmt+6 time mark).
Player.log (117.2 KB)

Yea, this has happened to me a few times too. Sitting there with over 7K ward, but for some reason the damage taken just completely bypassed it and 1shot my HP. Oddly enough, I was even still leeching HP, so my health was slowly healing me despite being dead.

It also happened where I still had a tiny bit of health left (around 20 or 30) with no leech going, but I was still dead.

Very weird, wouldn’t want to be playing Hardcore…

I can confirm this is still happening to me and my girlfriend when we play. Both mages with high Ward builds, both getting randomly one shot by what appears to be non-DoT damage.

It got her frustrated enough after the last one to take a break from the game for a few days. (which, I don’t blame her. She lost some good rewards on that echo).