Solo companion primalist synergy with beastmaster feels lacking

So to preface this, I started playing LE in the first place to have an overpowered bear companion, and actually mission accomplished. But I do think there are a few areas of the experience that could be improved.

Issue 1: Eterra’s blessing targeting is VERY frustrating

We are clearly supposed to spam this on our companions, especially on a solo companion. It’s an incredible buff, when you can get it to hit the pet and not the totems next to him. I’d kill for a “can only cast on companions” node or even a way to up the duration of all the buffs it brings. Right now I took the node in frenzy totem just because it’s so hard to keep this buff up and it’s still 30% uptime at best.

Issue 2 Increased maximum companions:

This stat is absolutely worthless to solo companion, and is half of our mastery benefit. Suggestion that Artor’s loyalty or possibly Natural Bond could scale with our + maximum companions. A benefit tied to the cost.

Issue 3: Primal Bear’s size

This might seem a bit irrelevant until you consider that size = threat and the primal bear is SUPPOSED TO BE the tank pet, but is one of the few companions that has no option in the tree to increase this actually relevant stat. Aesthetically speaking, I’ve recently tried Necromancer and our bone golems and abomination are not lacking in this regard at all.

Just a few things I’ve been thinking about, I’m sure others might have their own thoughts on this sort of build.

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Distance = threat, I’m not entirely sure that size actually does anything other than giving them a larger model so are more likely to be nearer more mobs & thus more likely to be the target.

Thats exactly what it does.

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I know a dev has commented on this before here on what exactly +size did regarding threat here forums. Trying to source it now.

edit: No luck. Spent an hour searching hundreds of posts. I guess though even if does work simply by body blocking mobs, it still makes no sense for primal bear to be smaller than scorpion. Even if the bear does have a taunt companion ability.