Solo companion mode and storm crows

Found a way to cheese snapshotting once more, this time in a very hilarious way. It probably works on all companions, but its easily most noticeable on crows.

It seems that crowstorm uses your oldest bird alive to calculate crowstorm damage, but then also checks how many birds you have alive at time of casting. You can almost triple your damage by doing the following:

  1. Take the 2 nodes that limit you to single companion
  2. Summon lightning crow
  3. Respec the single crow nodes and take the nodes that give extra companion, maybe also take artor legacy for +1 crow
  4. Resummon crows WITHOUT removing the skill from your skillbar. The original bird needs to be alive
  5. Go to dummy, use crowstorm several times to get a feel for the damage range
  6. Remove lightning crows from your taskbar so they die
  7. Resummon crows and use crowstorm again several times on dummy
  8. Compare damage between 5 and 7