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I bought the game a long time ago (Feb, 2021) and I’m enjoying it quite a bit, I wanted to make a new character and noticed that none of the items in my stash appear and none of the crafting mats. After a quick search through the Forums I noticed there is something called “Solo Character” I noticed that my only Character with all the gear and mats can’t be shared with my other characters. Is there any way to make that 1 char that I have a normal character because I never intended to play him as a "solo character that can’t share loot with my other characters.

Thanks in advance.

Big fan of the game.

PS. sorry for the bad grammar

Hey - Welcome to the forum…

Unfortunately there isnt any way to change the Solo Mode - once created using a specific setting, the character cannot be changed. Even if EHG could help you, everything is local to your physical machine so EHG has no access to your savegames - they are not on a server anywhere.

To be honest, I made this mistake myself when I first started playing in Aug 2020 but thankfully I realised it before I had spent too much time so I could just stop and create a new one…

Apologies that there is no solution…

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