Softlocking bug: Got into Lightless Arbor Dungeon, no doors were available and using Portal in-and-out got my character stuck

Just now I was playing Solo in Online Mode and I went to do the first tier of Lightless Arbor for the first time. After getting past the locked door by using the Dungeon Key, I got a tutorial for the Shard, and that was it. There wasn’t anything else for me to do. The doors weren’t working and there wasn’t any ready check.

So I tried TPing out of the dungeon and then heading back in to see what would happen. My character got stuck in a part of the map and could not move at all. Dying did not respawn me to an open space and the Portal opens far away from my character.

The only way to fix this was for me to quit the game and getting back in, which would teleport me to the End of Times.

Screenshot of the bug:

Steps to Reproduce

  • As a new Online player, open the Lightless Arbor door for the first time
  • Select the first Tier
  • Close the Tutorial
  • Portal out of the hub area
  • Get back into the portal
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same thing happened to me
exact same.
new solo player, used key entered first room, no exits.
tp out and in then sapwned outside of map unable to move getting killed over and over by ranges attacks