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Softlocked during Saving Last Refuge

Quite a serious and easily repeatable bug where I softlocked myself during the quest “Saving Last Refuge” by defeating the boss and portaling to town to clear my inventory before interacting with the shard. Upon coming back, the elder was there overlapping with the shard, and the path was blocked. I interacted with the shard and the path remained blocked. Spoke to the elder and resummoned (…only phase 1 of?) the boss, defeated it and the path remained blocked.

I was able to resolve this by relogging and defeating the boss once more, however it did progress the quest when activating the shard and softlocked that instance.

Thanks for the report!

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Thank you for finding this, will be fixed in next build. Shard now appears in front of wall, and talking to the shard will now destroy the wall if it is not already gone. Thus, if you leave postfight and preshard, when you come back you can talk to the shard to proceed. If you come back postshard, wall will be gone by default.

I also believe the shard’s previous location was preventing the Husk from spawning due to the two overlapping, this is likely why leaving and coming back may have been failing to respawn the boss. This issue is being investigated. Again, thank you!

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