Soft / hard cap for critical Strike multiplier

So im pretty sure i did read Something about a soft cap on crit multi on 300%, but cant find anything about it. Can someone confirm this? Or am i wrong with this?

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen builds with crit multi higher than 300%. There may be a cap, but so it his much higher.

afaik their is no cap for crit multi. there is a cap for crit chance at 100% where getting numbers higher than this doesn’t increase your actual crit chance further.

I just checked, and I have a character at 387% crit mult, so if there is some sort of cap, it’s not 300%. That being said, I’ve never heard of a crit mult cap either. :slight_smile:

There isn’t a cap on crit multi other than how many slots it can go on & where you can get it in passives.

That’s not actually true. Getting above 100% crit chance does increase it further, there’s just no benefit unless you’re running a specific build (Disintegrate/Ingnivar’s Head), but the number can & does go above 100%.

i didn’t say numbers can’t get higher. sry it might be my bad London :smiley:

Edit: so sure you can get 150% crit cahnce (as a number) but you can’t crit more than 100% of your hits.


100% is a soft cap for all but 1 build/mechanic.

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alright thanks guys for your answers. just thought there might be a soft cap, where crit multi isnt that much effective above 300% or something like this. but i guess i was just wrong :slight_smile:

well talking effectiveness: this would be build specific, not the same breakpoint for every build.
assuming a crit build: for example to some degree it is more effective to stack ‘% increased specific damage type’ than stacking crit multi, but ones you already have tons of ‘% increased specific damage type’ using open Affix slots to stack crit multi becomes more effective than stacking the incr damage type, although ‘% increased specific damage type’ can have higher rolls than crit multi. So it depends :smiley:

Yeah, it’s completely dependent on how much % increased damage & how much crit multi you have. Then work out the incremental benefit of 1 t5 modifier of the appropriate flavour.

At a certain point too, it might not be worth much to get higher %dmg or crit multi compared to some form of resistance pen/shred or “enemies take more damage” modifiers.

Since those are effectively more modifiers, they should be taken first.

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