So who has the new uniques already?

Go on, post for us to drool…

No, 'cause I’m mean. :wink:

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I just had the new Avarice drop from completing one of the first Council Chambers quests (didn’t notice which one I handed in)

The new Pannion’s Students fight is a really nice addition btw.

+7 Armor
+8 Mana
+3% of Elemental Damage Leeched as Health
38% Increased Leech Rate
You do not Regenerate Health

I believe Avarice is from handing the quest in to Ezra, you get a unique amulet from the gambler.

Yeah that must’ve been it since I had a choice.
I’m on autopilot going through the game till 1.0 comes out so not picking up on a lot of stuff hah xD

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