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So, where is the BF?!?

So, where do I find the Black Friday sale on Last Epoch? And why is it not available this week as it certainly should?
Have the Devs decided that it should not go for sale at all? I mean… Really?!?

The Steam Summer Sale was previously announced to be the final sale for Last Epoch during its early access period.

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They’ve always said that they aren’t intending to do any more sales before 1.0.

Yup. Not everybody needs to drop their price every 3 months.

Seriously. Bbuuuu.
Black Friday is the day everyone wants to see a sale. Doesn´t matter what game it is, I think.
I think it would just boost their number of players. I even think they would have sold a copy just even to the ones that goes: Hey, it´s on sale. Let´s just try it out just to see how it is, and for the heck of it. It is on sale.
That is things I even done myself on some occasions. Doesn´t matter if I liked it or not. I just for the heck of it bought & tried it since it was on sale.

I only buy stuff on sales days or what not like Black Friday when it’s for massive companies that don’t need my full paid price support.

For one’s like EHG, I’d rather pay full price.

I don’t give a rats ass about Black Friday. There won’t be another sale before launch deal with it ^^.

Black Friday, the day after all prices are raised by 50%, so people are duped into thinking they are buying stuff “on sale”.

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Which is illegal in the UK.

If you don’t think this game is worth full price, then that’s your problem, not theirs. There are plenty of games that weren’t on sale on Black Friday. If you really wanted to play this game that badly, you’d have bought it during a previous sale or you’d pay full price.

My Steam Wishlist is full of games I’d never pay full price for and most weren’t for sale on Black Friday because many of them just aren’t. But THIS game is one I paid full price for (twice, because I bought my brother a copy as well) because the game is THAT good, and I don’t regret it. Glad I helped the devs, and glad they’re still working on the game and making it better.

(Not glad they changed what my Arboreal Circuit tree looks like. :frowning: )

I didn´t made this thread to get bad and negative views.
It was in fact, actually just a wish I actually had for this game this Black Friday ´22. I can´t remember last time this game actually had any sale at all.
I have had this game for quite some time already.
I wished for this to be on sale since I wanted to upgrade for quite some time, because if it was, that would mean I would take it one extra notch, to what I already had. It was also because I wanted to be able to afford it.

So it becomes: If on sale I am able to afford that one Package, and if not I will only be able to afford that one Package there.