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So what's up with Erasing Strike?

It says that enemies killed are replaced by void rifts, but the times I have tried it both now and in alpha killed enemies aren’t replaced with anything.

Agreed. I see nothing that replaces the enemies when they die.

not using this skill - too much mana consumption, small damage to elites

It’s bugged. I’ve already done a bug report on this here: Erasing Strike - Void Rifts not spawning on kill

This skill is working, the void rift is just not really noticeable. Void rifts are small void AoE that have a pretty fast animation so you can easily miss it. This is the same void rift as Devouring Orb void rifts. At least the skill was working in alpha, haven’t tried in beta but it should still work I guess.

I haven’t seen anything even resemberling void rifts when using the skill (and yes it kills the enemies) so either it’s bugged in the sense it’s not working or it’s biged because the VFX isn’t showing.

Unless void rifts last less than a second it is definitely bugged. And if they are that short then the skill seems pretty useless.

I just checked again, they changed the animation of the skill and indeed I can’t see any void rift… So yeah don’t know if it is working or not :man_shrugging:

We changed the visuals of Erasing Strike and its Void Rifts in Patch 0.7.0d-- can you all try it again? They’re spawning correctly for us, they were just hard to see.

There is a brief flash of purple concentric waves, but no persistent rift that I can discern… certainly not one that lasts for any duration,

That’s working as intended-- sounds like our description of the effect doesn’t quite line up with what people are expecting then.

I was expecting cake. I was told there would be cake. Seriously, maybe consider Pulse, Ripple, Wave, etc instead of Rift as the descriptor. Rift, to me, implies a sustained tear that emanates some effect over time.

Regardless, thanks for confirming @Hackaloken. Cheers!

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Indeed the word Void Rift is confusing people as it was confusing me… Then i checked it on the dummy…
What i clearly found out is that a Void Rift is nothing stationary… It’s a debuff that does DoT… Probably 2 ticks (one straight after aplying and one 2 or 3 secs after) and the animation is Voidcolored Fog i’d say… Can hardly notice… Also dmg is really bad with 900% DoT… Greets

Edit: And in this case… A Void Rift is an action that happens… For example : “Replacement” means that it will give an animation on kill and if something is in the range of the Void Rift explosion it has the DoT on it… Same with the Time Reversal skill… If you skill to leave a Void Rift when you use the Time thinggy… You ll see the Void Rift animation… Like a black Halo leaving around you… DoTing near enemies.

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