So what's the point of timelines having different levels?

I wanted to run first timeline faster in a hope to get some drops and apparently it scaled to lvl 67( my level) What is the point of different lvls then? Not only can’t i speed through older zones each time i level up now my character gets worse unless i really get good gear upgrades

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i’m fairly sure the areas don’t scale to your level any more. there’s still a note at the top right of the screen that says “(scaled)” next to the area level but i believe that is just a remnant of when the monolith did scale with your level.

i haven’t done any of the “empowering” that the new system offers but maybe you did that and it raised the area level?

the idea with the new system was specifically to avoid the situation you’re describing so i’m positive it’s not automatically scaling to your level.

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I’m not even close to empowering timelines yet. But what is clear to me is that i am definitely not stronger 10+ lvls after i first started that 55 timeline. What should be like 1.5x dps upgrade since i started MoF feels like it actually gone down. And i know it gets harder each time i add a mod, i tried running without any and problem seems obvious anyway

Monolith zones don’t scale to player level anymore. Each timeline has a set level they’re scaled to now.

As @VapingNeckbeard already said, the lvl information and “scaled” thing in the top right of the overlap map sometimes appears wrong.

All timelines have fixed mob levels and fixed base values for damage and health.

Making an assumption on how much your damage “should” increase based on some levels is a brave one. This is not really how the game works, even if you put all 10 passive points into offense. Your Skill Spec Tree points, in case you did make any progress in that regard should make a much bigger impact.
When you feel like your dps actually did go down, maybe you changed something on your gear/build that you aren’t aware of causing a loss in dps? Or you just feel like it because you are not noticable faster.

Just to summarize, MoF is not scaled(and that works currently), mobs gain more damage and health on later timelines(especially the health increase is notable).
Just being above a timelines level doesn’t make it “easier” per se, if your character hasn’t improved much.

To answer your Thread’s Title question: Non-Scaled content gives a better sense of progression than scaled content, which makes power growth feel even slower.
Also the main difference for Timeline levels is the loot-table. Especially for high bases and T7 exalted items.

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