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So this is how Magic Legends turns out, anyone surprise?

Magic Legends is an upcoming ARPG similar to Last Epoch with some interesting twists currently just enter beta.
I watched this video and feel lucky I did not apply for the beta of this game. If anyone curious about the game business model, please watch.
Magic Legends - I SPENT $200 SO YOU DON’T! - YouTube
Maybe this is not necessary to say but I’m sure EHG is not going down this road of Perfect World. Kinda sad to see so many greedy dev among us today.


I uninstalled it after 25 minutes… Boring and lame.

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Thank you for spending money so I don’t have to. As an accountant, this pleases me.

Thanks for the heads up…

Re Perfect World… I played Perfect World International many years ago… I tend to get a little green around the gills when I remember how much I spent on it… $$$$ I recall… You get to a decent level on the premium, then you do the math and realise its either pay $$$$ money or grind for years in real time to get a single juicy upgrade.

I have a suspicion that Torchlight 3 suffered from PW involvement…

Whenever i see that Perfect World International is involved in a new game i tend to avoid that game …
They always add a heavy micro transactions system in their games.

P2W + too many bright colors = cr*p

Looks like Hasbro is just milking the MTG brand anyway they can as it’s probably the top money maker they have now. A lot like Games Workshop, just giving the WH:40k IP away to anyone willing to pay the fee regardless of quality of the product. It’s sad where we are now.

As someone said in another forum when we were discussing this, why is anyone surprised that the original analog pay to win game is also P2W when made into an ARPG?

I had not interest in this from the moment I learned they randomize the skills you can use at any time - that’s just bonkers for the type of game that is all about working on perfecting your build - but their loot boxes take it to another level of crap.

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