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So... This happened

Yeah I got nothing to explain this. It just happened.

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Had this happen too, but never caught it on recording. Try posting this with relevant info in the bug report section so the devs can make note :3

That’s a daily occurrence on my Warpath Sentinels. :smiley:

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Looks similar to the ragdoll bug but I cannot really tell from a static image… but it should definitely go in the bug section with:

  1. a copy of your player.log from the session when it happened
  2. a brief indication of how you generally make it happen / when it usually happens…
  3. vid/screenshot showing it happening & where it happened (i.e. map location)
  4. a link to the build & skills you are using (lastepochtools is the simplest) when it happens.

Basically like Spymaster Zerrick’s corpse. He has that little stretchy body when he dies…