So spell blades is rated highly for 1.1, what changed?

my spell lade last build was super squishy even with the way ward used to work.

what has changed for them that makes them s tier now

They seem much stronger than when I last played one in March.

Only two deaths, playing shatterstrike leveling build from Maxroll.

Looking to try spark charge once I get that off hand.

They got slightly better ward gen on melee hit and the new ward formula buffs builds which had less ward earlier.

But IMO the real buff is in the offensives. Spellblade gets a nutty amount of crit thanks to the new Int->base crit node(Particularly good for hybrid spell+melee or spell proc) and the Dex-> crit chance. Another major one is the Volka’s Razor buff becoming more damage. Shatter strike is insanely strong even with the attack speed and crit multi nerfs it received.

Firebrand also got some buffs so hopefully it can actually do some damage rather than just tickle enemies and apply ailments. Mana strike also got buffs and a cold conversion node finally giving the class a spammable cold attack (great for Frostbite which also got buffed).

thank you