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So Quick Question re: rare items

I’ve been away from the game for quite a while so I missed several patches. Was there an improvement to the affixes on yellow items? I seem to be finding a lot more of them now with 4 affixes and certainly for leveling they are actually useable without having to craft on them. I don’t remember them being that good when I last played although that could be my memory.

TIA for any answers

I don’t think there are changes regarding magic or rare items specifically in a long time.

Wegot alot of changes (especially with the recent patch), that changed affix pools etc.

But the general chance of finding “usefull” stuff has not increased.

In 0.8 (rogue patch) they did significantly improved the loot in endgame MoF, to drop more high end bases, but that does not affect leveling.

So either you had bad luck, when you played last time, or you remember it as being worse, that it actually is :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, there was this change in patch 0.7.9:

And if you haven’t played since patch 0.7.8, there were class specific items added which added class specific affixes. These were just bolstered in 0.8.1 with the addition of + skill affixes and a third class specific item.

So the pools of affixes have increased, the level at which you receive high tier affixes have decreased, and overall there is just more item variety in the game. Perhaps the culmination of all these changes has items feeling better than last you played.

Thanks yeah overall it feels better and I know I’m gonna have to clear out my inventory soon lol

OK an update from my point of view and this is since I last played which I think is a year ago or so: the big difference is the level of the affixes on the items as @AndrewTilley posted above . Last time I was around there were a lot of 1’s and 2’s the odd 3 or 4. Now the rare 4 affix items that drop are way better. The numbers are a lot higher. They are very useable for leveling which is good for the game I think.

Crafting is very good but it’s not that simple. Give folks a chance to feel powerful a bit in the campaign etc. Point is if you know what you’re looking for the gear that drops is pretty damn good really.