So patch did nothing to fix lost levels, gear and progress

What went wrong with the data fetching, kinda losing faith here… would love to get official respond to this.

Is this for online or offline characters?

You need to be specific.

Online character.

Are you saying you’re experiencing the issue after the patch? Or just that your lost data wasn’t restored with the patch.

It’s understandble to be upset about lost progress, I myself lost about 32 levels of progress, but expecting the hotfix to correct that lost data is a poor assumption. I can only hope that their fix has prevented others from losing data and the issue is mitigated.

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It is not possible to recover data that does not exist, they can only prevent data loss from happening again, but once data is lost it is simply LOST.

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before the patch, the items i had the chances of getting the stats and to craft them to that state are astronomically low…

And if other game studios can do it, why wouldnt Eleventh Hour Gaming be able to do so also?

because the data was never saved in the first place, which is why the progress was lost

They may be able to fix this stuff in the future, but not until they have automatic backups

Dope, they shud have invested to backup before even making multiplayer then…

Even if they did, it would have needed to save at regular enough intervals and if error occurs halfway between an interval, then all progress since last backup interval is lost.

You have to understand that when a data bug of lost progress occurs, it is usually because something stopped it from saving, which would mean even the backups are likely to lose data.

It is simply not possible to 100% reliably recover ALL lost data all of the time

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I wish I only lost levels. I lost my entire offline character that I created 3 years ago. Support doesn’t even respond to emails. Not exactly filled with confidence going forward.

We are very aware of the data loss problem and it’s marked as a high priority issue for us to resolve. I know our backend team has been working on the clock to try to get to the bottom of it. I personally don’t know an ETA but I can assure you that we are taking it seriously.

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Offline characters are stored locally on your personal machine. EHG doesnt have access to these. Unless you made backups of your local files manually or though some other service, the offline char is gone.

Its crap. no doubt about it, but this kind of issue isnt unexpected when dealing with a game still in development - things can and DO happen.

It doesnt help you now, but I always make backups of local saves in any game I play. even fully released and stable ones.

unfortunately i also lost offline characters when i tried to run the early beta of MP

i’m not actually sure if EHG or Steam is to blame. honestly i think it’s steam. steam is F*cking obnoxious abou their cloud saving bullshit in that they don’t seem to like to play nice if you want to maintain local storage. i had a similar problem with grim dawn.

ultimately i did restore my characters from a back up. i’m afraid to try the standalone client again…

Considering the default of using Steam Cloud saves and the changes to the Steam authentication that LE made with 0.9 etc I wouldnt be surprised that this f@&Ked up for some people.

I absolutely loathe Steam Cloud - it has kicked me in the nuts more times that I care to remember and I now disable it immediately for any game that uses it. I dont mind Steam (could be better) but some of its “add-ons” are just downright sh1t and cause WAY more problems than the “benefit” they are supposed to provide.

No argument there.

Yeah. Unfortunately, most people - especially younger computer users - dont do backups like those of us that have experienced the pain and frustrations of lost data.

I have only used the Standalone client for testing purposes way back, but based on Mikes comments, I would not recommend that you attempt to use it again - they are moving fully to Steam.

Touch wood, I have been able to play offline through Steam and so far havent had any issues with savegames etc.

So this can also then mean that I may have lost my Online Character I worked on for quite a few hours.
Oh well, sucks, but not a gigantic loss.

If only more people playing beta games would have this attitude. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Losing a character that is not that difficult to level back up is one thing. Having no confidence that this isn’t going to happen again and again and wasting my time is much more problematic for me and I assume many others.

It wouldn’t have been so bad if EHG was using the more typical save game location that resides in the “documents” folder because I have that backed up and didn’t even realize EHG used a different location until after I lost my character. That said I have now added the EHG save game location to my Onedrive cloud backup location.

Sure. But I have over 2k hours of playing LE from about version 0.79 ish, and I have, touch wood, never lost any savegames. I have helped many people restore and get back their chars - mostly from losing local file copies due to assumptions that things were stored elsewhere or when Steam cloud corruptions arse up.

How 0.9 will play out is anyones guess and I will make manual backups before/after each playsession as I have before.

“Typical savegame locations” - honestly I dont even think that really exists. In my experience, every application, be it game or otherwise seldom follows a common standard with saving data (savegames, config info or anything else for that matter) - even though Windows provides such and even then Microsoft has changed this over time too. and thats not even counting things like alternative OS compatibility etc.

To be honest, I am not concerned about local offline savegames - I am more concerned about the new online system and how stable it will be and how it will handle data stores/backup and corruptions. Thats all new and only time and testing will tell if that will be stable… My main worry here is that there is obviously no way to manually backup online chars so everything will be up to EHG with no backup by the player themselves.

I trust them to do the right thing, but this is beta, things change and things will break a lot more before everything is stable.