So no real melee class?

i’ve looked at the classes in the website cause i can’t play the game yet(license issues :frowning: )

i’ve noticed even the most melee class(sentinel?) uses loads of spells, and very few melee attacks.

the rogue class is very japanese like melee combat.

isn’t there something like a barbarian? dual wielder? hack each enemy?
or the spells i’ve seen on sentinel is endgame stuff?

what class would you recommend that resembles the most to the d2r barbarian?

Hello and welcome.

There are loads of melee options, some more straight forward and stereotype classes and some more niche/exquisite ones as well.

Sentinel has 3 Masteries, which all have plenty of different melee skills.
I don’t know from what you conclude that Sentinel uses a lot of spells, but there are cou tless non-spell options.
I guess it might come from some of the more popular builds being less melee.

Not sure what you mean with Rogue being “Japanese like melee combat”. Rogue has lots of different melee options as well, some are pretty straight forward as well.

Primalist has lots of melee options as well. Either using melee skills directly or using a transformation skill that uses melee.

Even Acolyte (Scythe Attack) and Mage (various Elemental melee attacks) have melee options, but those are definitely not your standard aRPG melee class.

Never played D2 but I guess a Primalist would be the closest to the description from a theme perspective.

You can dual weil Axes or go 2h with various cleave or shatter skills.

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I’d reccomend another game in that regard.

MAYBE the werebear druid is the most similar but that’s already a very far stretch.

yeah, but he’s more leaning toward other skills probably?

yes, i couldn’t find a game that answer these “needs”.
D2R was best for me. but its such a grind journey…
d3 is too easy, and this game, including Wolcen, well both have very different combat experience, and very not challenging. I’m an old gamer(48), so I’m afraid this gameplay ain’t for me.

LE is easy and very forgiving untill you reach certain corruption stages. Your age isn’t an exuse here :smiley: . On top of it the combat is slow and clunky (if you don’t play a rogue) sp it’s even more catered to slowepokes and I know it best because I’m the slowest of them all ^^.

BTW you can at least play a spin2win build as a sentinel to have a dumped down even more boring Whirlwind Barb Setup.

All classes in LE can be played in various ways. I wouldn’t really say that Primalist is leaning towards non-melee playstyle.

It’s all about how You want it to play.

Hey there,
From appearance standpoint the Primalist is closest to a Barbarian.

The Beastmaster mastery is very mele focused, has Warcry, sweeping attacks, Jump. But its catered around having a companion (Bear, Raptor, Sabertooth,…) around you.

Sentinel can be both played towards melee or spell (and even throwing). Sentinel has some subskills to their skill (procs, for example an explosion on shield throw) that scale with spelldamage.

But the scaling of a skill doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t play like melee. So Judgement is a melee skill (big slam with huge impact) that has a strong spell element (creates consecrated ground to burn enemies). You scale the burning damage with spell and fire, but it plays purely melee.

And if it’s a theme thing, you can play Rive, Warpath, Multistrike or Vengeance, that all scale well with only melee stats.

Void Knight is very strong with spells, but you don’t have to go that route. So is Paladin. You’re free to play the style you want.

Bladedancer is fast but I wouldn’t say it’s anime style. Also it’s not necessarily faster than Sentinel.

Dual wield you can use with every class except Acolyte.

Never played d2 (the screen motion gave me motion sickness, sadly.)

But there are plenty of melee based options. I’m an older gamer (almost 60) and I’m a die hard Paladin/Crusader/Holy Warrior type player. Many iterations of melee.

In fact, one thing that LE seems to be getting better as is catering to those of us who like to stand right up to the enemy and beat the crap out of it. Often in aRPGs, clear speed (i.e. aoe) usually gets all the love and melee characters can be more of a ‘slog’. But I think they’re actually providing some unique answers to this. Most of my sentinel characters can be really in your face, beating away but the support skills they have help to clear the trash so the clear speed issue is narrowed.

And i thought @Llama8 is the grandpa here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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whirlwind is just boring as hell.
also the feel of the impact in this game is even worse than D3…just not feeling the hits, both me, and the mobs, unless they die of course.
just a tiny blink.
in d1, or d2 you could really feel the impact of a hit, there was a prefix of fast hit recovery i think it’s called. because the mobs could stun lock you, which pissed off alot of gamers in the genre, so they got this off the table in D3…in other most games…i find it very lacking.

if you played beat em up games like me when yo were young, that was part of the fun-you could stun lock them, and they could stun lock you.
risky, but if you got good items you could get away with stun locking too. if they lynch you it doesn’t matter anyway.