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So I went back to PoE for a week

That’s the single biggest contributing factor to what drove me away from PoE and GGG a few years ago. It’s entirely possible that their approach has changed since I left, but the fact that (at the time, anyway) crafting was a reward for participating in the economy instead of an alternative to doing so ruined the game for me 100%. In the 900-1K hours I played the game I was never able to gear a character to the point that I could come close to considering it “finished”.

I wanted to play a hack n’ slash ARPG and feel a sense of progression with my character, but learned that without spending the majority of my time playing Wraeclast Tycoon, it wasn’t going to happen, so I left.

Again, I acknowledge that things may well have changed since I quit that game, but I’ll never go back to it.

Wow so many ingrates bashing a game that fed their boredom for almost the whole of last century.

Joke aside, this can be LE’s fate if it can last 10years.

While I have bashed yhat particular game in the past, what I’ve posted here comes nowhere near the realm of bashing.

There is a vast world of difference between stating what I personally disliked about PoE and disparaging it. I went out of my way not to disparage because I recognize that it’s ok for diff8people to like different things.

Yes you can click and allocate points you never earned in a simulation program, you can also equip uniques too you never earned/found. Whats your point? you can do that in LE as well

I play PoE for 4 weeks a league out of 12 and then I quit. Scourge is still going and I uploaded a youtube video of a Sirus 9 kill which was almost 2 months ago and that was when I played last. if that is no lifing then yes I ‘no life’ the game

The funny thing about people like this ‘feedback’ is its always salty/angry feedback from someone who couldnt handle/make it in the game, instead of just ‘the game isnt for me’ theres this reason why PoE is so shit apparently

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I want to love Path of Exile, but it’s so clunky and grid-based and it has no REAL game play. If it played more like Last Epoch it would be legit. Oh well, let’s hope they figure it out in two years for Path of Exile 2.

Similar thoughts here… I stopped playing PoE years ago for all the reasons people have already mentioned - it used to be great, but each new expansion just made it worse and worse… I have occassionally installed it to see what changed/updated but my last experience was so bad, I got GGG to totally delete my account - even with all the real money upgrades I had purchased.

I will most likely try out PoE2 (as I will D4 once Blizzard/Activision now MS clean up their acts) but I will never go back to PoE.

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Diablo 3 is fun and the combat feels amazing and the developer wants new players, GGG actively hates its player base and I don’t expect anything for poe2 because you can’t change the developer, I expect a lot out of last epoch because the developer listens to the players and actually wants and really fun game, they don’t want unfair advantage against the players, I really feel this way, I have no hope for GGG they will never change until Chris is gone.

GGG always wanted a hardcore experience, from the beginning, they are not happy with how easy the game is, in their eyes. The new hard mode they will release on 3.17 I believe, is a reflection of that sentiment.

To me personally the worst offender is the lack of balance between skills and playstyles. They don’t even try. The BS one-shots is a distant second. When they nerf a skill, is not a 50% less damage, they neft it to the point is barebly usable, nerfing not only the skill but all the interactions with other skills and systems. They don’t care about rising the worst skills, instead we have new shiny skills each season that may or may not perform well. The current investment to make any non-spell offensive skill to work is absolutely bonkers. You need 30ex in investment to make it barely work, if not more. Or you can go with a META skill + class and clear everything under 1-2ex total investment.

You are not rewarded in any way by being melee range, you are not rewarded staying in place for casting a spell or skill, as how dangerous enemies are, you want something that auto-casts or you can drop into the ground and do its own thing.

And the end what people do? as the game is so huge and complex, they always find out any skill and/or skill interaction that survived the nerf rounds, and abuse it to the max.

Exactly. It all goes to waste because there isn’t any meaningful gameplay. As in the thing you do outside of equipping passives and gear.

As someone that has almost 30k hours of PoE, the primary issue is the RNG layering has gone off the rails. This affects everything from one-shots, to crafting and drops. Everything has become a gamble to the point you cannot accurately assess the risk. It is like the developers have a gambling addiction and take it out on us.

Sure life is a gamble but to the extent that only the chosen players get the best rewards. Those who build consortiums and 6 man farming parties create RMT websites. Then there are other 3rd party websites to even understand wtf is going on is a bad recipe.


And all of that for a game that is SERIOUSLY lacking in actual mechanical game play.

If you truly believe that then I suspect you may be part of the problem.

I’m enjoying reading this topic for sure we have funny comments about both PoE and LE. But I’m surprised people are actually comparing LE to PoE, cause I’m certain even devs know that is like comparing a midget with a giant. :rofl:

Welp, when you consider that only 1% of the characters have killed Sirus A9, yes we both are no-lifers than XD Also, Maven down, long live the Bane Occy.

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Yeah. The best RNG insanity example is Zizarans death in hardcore SSF league.

Context for non-POE players:
Zizaran is veteran player that plays mostly Hardcore SSF (equivalent to hardcore solo chanllenge in LE). He is famous for dying to stupid shit, (walking to the easily avoidable super slow attack) but he has a lot of BS deaths.

His last character before I quit the 3.16 league was Max Block Gladiator. Character stacks attack + spell bloc, a lot of health and armour (works differently than in LE). He had basically around 80k EHP.

He was attempting (he used this character as boss slayer/carry) the Uber Elder fight iirc (or normal Elder fight). He used Maven influence (an NPC that gives random boosts to the boss and if you defeat it, she captures them and you can later on refight them for good loot).

Elder used one of his stronger attacks. Normally it does 5,4k damage to him, 8.2k with crit hit. Since he has insane recovery, living with 400 HP is not a problem, he gets it back in 4 seconds. Maven however empowered his attack WHILE ELDER WAS OFFSCREEN. Empowered attack does 8.8k damage after the math, finally killing him. In the 100 re-attempts (your HC league character moves to the standard league where you can test what killed you and continue farming) he did not die to that attack. All those attempts have been recorded on livestream.

To have that shit happen you need to : get 1 specific attack with around 800 difference of min-max on special boss, he MUST crit you and Maven must boost the damage (she has like 30 different boosts). Also, Elder must be offscreen to not receive the debuff from one specific skill Zizaran used (Defiance banner - when placed, affected enemies deal 15% less damage to you). Also, you of course need to consider that this happens 1/4th of the time, because he blocks 3/4th of the incoming attacks and spells (and block prevents all damage in POE).

Part of what problem? that’s common knowledge, come on.

Just because it’s “common knowledge” doesn’t make it correct. If you speak to some people it’s common knowledge that the Earth is flat. GGG don’t “nerf skills into oblivion” as you say, just because people on their forum & reddit react as if they did doesn’t make it so.

Have GGG painted themselves into a corner with the amount of more damage modifiers you can get? Absolutely, are they necessarily doing the best thing by not buffing some of the lesser used skills? Maybe not.

I just don’t have much time for the crowd that throw their toys out of the pram whenever GGG tweak some numbers down 'cause it’s always presented as “teh worstest skill evah naow!”

Can’t take your words at face value, but I guess you have a point, people usually over-react.

I am not a usual redditor on PoE forums, I can talk based on my shit experience with venom gyre + whirl blades (there a huge dps build with those with the “balanced” strength stacking and many smart/expensive combinations, but I’m not expert), a few posts I read how some skills got 20% nerfed from 7 different angles, effectively destroying the skill (I think was something bleed/chaos related?), and yeah, I’ve seen that type of comment on some PoE videos and forums.

Anyways, sorry if these comments makes you angry, not my intention. Not tha I am going back to that game anyways, couldn’t care less, just stating my perception/experience.

And we all know GGG does not give a damn on what people thinks, at the end they seem to do whatever they think is better for the game. Which is a good thing by itself, me agreeing to their decisions or not is not relevant after all.


I love PoE and hate it at the same time.

PoE I love that you can literally play any class with any skill, with any damage type. This opened up so many build possibilities. I like the fact I can try and make new builds no matter what class I play with their different class specialties. this in my opinion has the upper hand in the arpg games.
The part I hate is of course the one shots ( i had over 8k health one time w/ 90% to all res still got one shot), but also I didn’t play from the beginning, and from reading. a lot has changed crafting use to be fairly easy. now its more complicated than not.
All though I like Last Epoch:
Last epoch is the opposite i wish it has more open playable styles any skill any damage type. (maybe will happen in future) I love the simple crafting don’t got to go to 5 different places to craft 1 item. its all right there at your forge.

Uhm, sir, have you played Sunder, Molten strike, Pre-Slam updated Earthquake, Heavy Strike (or any strike skill there is)? Sunder after rework went from 5% melee characters (it was the best melee skill to level up with) to who knows what because it has just one guy over level 90 that plays it in trade league (0.0% people took it according to builds section in Scourge, 0.1% in HC Scourge, etc.). Due to how it works its just worse fucking upheaval without any damage nor potential mechanics that could make it more interesting. Strikes are basically nonexistent, even the new ones are used only for Culling strike (Behead has like 20% kill treshold) - the only exception is flicker strike, but it has several mechanics that make it smooth. Preupdated Earthquake (after nerfs somewhere around 3.5) was garbage because if you walked away, shockwave (that dealt most damage) did not happen and it had like 2 sec delay. It took several gear power creeps with reduced cooldown recovery (affects the delay) and less duration passives to make it viable again (and slam oriented support skills). Blade Vortex got hammered as the last thing - a skill that is based around having increased duration got base duration lowered by 20% because reasons (it is nearly impossible to sustain it now). Also, they killed leaguestarting with trigger skills , since they made them use mana (Spellslinger is literally dead, since you reserve 90% of the mana with just trigger skills and you need mana for every proc it does) - they gatekeep it either behind -total mana cost (you need to get recipe from veiled affixes) or Replica Conquerors Efficiency jewel (not available at leaguestart). So do not tell me that people overracted when they pulled these shits.

P.S: Oh my, I forgot about the 3.0 changes to poison - it double dipped, they nerfed damage by like 80% before 3.0 went live, then they removed double dipp and forgot to compensate for 3 or so leagues (so 3.3/3.4). Nothing weird about that, GGG tends to pull a lot of those.

On the other hand, I still play.