So i tested bone curse aura

there is a node there that shortens the duration of the aura but i dnt think it works the way described.

so if it falls off in a second, having the aura should reapply all the effects like the curse it itself. it looks like the curse just stays there (the stakes just stab the target 1 time)

the curse should get reapplied everytime it pulses.

meaning the on cast effects on the tree should as well.

this will give better synergy with nodes.


That’s what it does.

The problem (with how it auras/channelling works at the moment) is that you only ever “cast” bone curse as an aura to turn it on. They could change it to count as “casting” it every time it reapplies the curse, but that would have massive effects on the channelling skills aswell.

Bone Curse definitely needs more of that.

i dont think it reapplies the curse per se, since its an aura, visually the curse just stays there the whole time. the stakes that appear on enemies i think should be considered as reapplying. if it was reapplying, that stakes should too but as it now, the stakes stay there from to beginning to end

so basically this what i mean, the casting part i get it. what about when it ends? technically it falls off too right bec it gets reapplied? so it should proc rip blood, bona nova etc

You can see how frequently the aura reapplies the curse because it also applies it to you & you get an icon on the right-side of your skill bar.

The curse being reapplied doesn’t count as “falling off”, nor does it being “consumed” count if you took the Acute Infliction node & hit the target 4 times. It would be nice if it did, but that’s not how it works (at the moment).

gotcha well thats a shame. final question, how about the “on hit or when hit” nodes like the chill and freeze, how do they work with the aura?

They should work, since they proc when the cursed mob is hit (just like the damage). They should be based on your freeze multi but that wasn’t what I saw when I had 1,000% freeze multi with a bunch of minions doing the hitting.

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