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Snap Freeze's "frozen monolith" not working (invuln 4sec)

Snap freeze’s frozen monolith passives, which should render you invulnerable for 4sec (freezing you when casting the spell) doesnt seem to work

edit : nevermind, it works. theres even a visual indicator thats nice. However, it doesnt freeze for 4sec but only 1.5 or 2sec. Any idea why? I guess it takes our freezing resistance into account or something the like? (if thats the case, its a bit sad and/or should be mentionned in tooltip >< as it is, its too short, so even if you cast it while an ennemy is preparing a large scale aoe, you might come out of the freeze before ennemy projectiles hit the ground. Not saying it should allow you to trivialize most mechanics, but if you cant even dodge ONE thing reliably and it puts you in danger because of immobility… T_T )

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