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Snap Freeze Question

Is there a way to mitigate the miss chance on Snap Freeze? Or, perhaps is there a way to improve its ability to hit? I realize it is not a damage spell per se, but I am confused as to why it would miss a mob directly in front of my character. Any advice or suggestions on properly using Snap Freeze?

I’ve been playing with Sorcerer and cold builds. I’ve noticed that Snap Freeze misses from time to time. I’ve tinkered a bit and it seems to miss trash mobs that are directly in front of me while almost always hits those at the edge of my weapon radius. I was wondering if it is linked to the freeze rate modifier.


its just the hit box and casting delay, it has a small area in front of you and takes some amount of time to appear (not long).

Thanks. I played around with the target dummy and it does have a slight delay. Also, it seems to have a very small to-hit area like you said. I suppose I just wanted more out of it.

Snap Freeze is a “Spell” and you can decrease the “delay” by investing into cast speed.

For Example Spellblade has some crazy passive to increase the cast speed of snap freeze by 150%, which basically makes it feels almost like a instant spell.

There is also a 0/8 node in it’s skill spec tree with another 10% cast speed per point.

Just try it out and see how you like it.
It changes the way hpow it “feels” to use this ability significantly.

Thanks for the feedback Heavy. I did play around with it a bit more.

I was interested in using Snap Freeze to hold mobs in place directly after a teleport, and probably before dealing direct damage. I found that I can simply add Freeze onto other skills and accomplish what I want without using Snap Freeze.

In particular, Rimeskin on Flame Ward and Glyphs of Winter on Elemental Nova both give me an increased chance to freeze on spells I routinely cast. I found myself no longer needing to cast Snap Freeze and I dropped it from my rotation. Also, both of these skills have a chance to freeze in a circumference around me rather than a cone in front of me.

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Snap Freeze only freezing monsters in a cone is a major drawback for me. I don’t like that :frowning: I hope they revise that skill and make it more viable with better interaction with other skills / passives.