Snap freeze not applying itself

snap freeze doesnt hit (or completely hit) ennemy sometimes:
i took the frosbite and hit damage node and have witnessed thoses results :

  • Ennemy are getting frostbite and taking damages (expected results)
  • Ennemy are not getting frostbite nor damage, regardless of their position inside the area of the skill, even if their nearby collegues do (wich would suggest a dodge, but at level 20ish?)
  • Ennemy are not getting frostbite nor taking damage but are getting stack of chill from my gear (chill on hit)

I’ve also encountered this bug, but I noticed that:

  • Snap Freeze on itself works as intended
  • Snap Freeze with Frostbite passive still works as intended (freezes and applies the debuff).

Problems starts when you allocate Frozen Ground passive. Then Snap Freeze ability indeed randomly:

  • hits and applies Frostbite alongside with Chill
  • entirely misses
  • misses but applies Chill
    It happens separately for each individual monster, so if you hit a pack of 5, some of them will get frozen and some will entirely dodge all ability effects.

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