Smite not proc'ing off rare enemies

Hello everyone,

Currently smite is not proc’ing when facing rare/elite enemies such as desecrated flesh. I am unaware if this is by design or a skill/bug issue. Either way some enlightenment on the issue would be much appreciated. For clarity of how I am using smite please see the following build:

Thank you very much for the insights and all the work the team has put into the game thus far!


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I have used a very similar Smite proc build to that and never noticed it not proccing on Rare mobs - in fact, I have done multiple variations of the guide you link to and have not experienced what you mean. I havent specifically tested the old build in 0.9 so perhaps something has broken.

The build is potentially proccing Smite from multiple sources, Lunge, Javelin, Multistrike and the Aurelis Smite via Multistrike proc.

With all these variables involved, can you explain a little more how specifically you are testing this to be sure of your observations?

Hey there,

I can get the smite to proc from Javelin but not Multistrike or Lunge on rare mobs. Sorry for not specifying that earlier.

Testing methodology was done via repeatedly Lunging into rare mobs after killing everything around them and also prolonged period of only using Multistrike.


Javelin with Battle Standard - Smite procs work against Rares - nothing wrong there ok.

Lunge on Rare mobs - The Smite proc for Lunge is a percentage based on Max distance - i.e. you have to be 10m away for there to be 100% change to proc Smite when lunging into a mob. I.e. if you lunge from close up then Smite has a very low chance of proccing - against any mob or boss. This is actually a common complaint about various distance related nodes in Lunge as it can seem like they never proc because of it. Have you tested with this in mind?

Multistrike. This is tricky - you have both the Aurelis sword supposed to proc on hit of a Rare AND multistrike SWORDs converted to Smite so I would imagine its hard to tell whats going on. Its important to split this up when testing to see what is causing the issue specifically. I.e. to test multistrike properly, to see if its Smites are hitting when you have enough stacks, you need to remove the Aurelis sword - that would then test the Multistrike skill node on its own… Then you would remove the smite node from Multistrike but requip the Aurelis sword to see if its proc is actually happing.

Unfortunately not able to test this myself as I am not near my gaming system for most of this week.

I will do further testing with this in mind in the next few days and see if we can get some more definitive results.

Thank you for all the help looking into this.

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From what I understand you have Aurelis equipped and you’re hitting a big enemy (probably an echo objective?) with multistrike and it’s not proccing the smite.
The problem is that although these monsters are big and high HP they’re technically “normal” rarity and thus the Aurelis proc doesn’t work on them.

It’s not a bug just a problem with the design of Aurelis. An annoying to do workaround is to stand far enough away from the monster so they don’t actually get hit with the melee attack which lets you hit them with the multistrike sword converted to smite.