Smite idol not dropping?

Hey, have been playing for around 35 hours on my void knight, and seem to be stuck in my build. Since i can’t get the smite on hit idols… is there a specally low drop for it? or just unfortunate? :smiley:

Hi and welcome to the forum,
You are just unlucky sorry ^^

Hey there, did you already have the Idol drop rate blessing for the respective idol type?
In this case Adorned Idol.

This will greatly increase the amount of idols of that type dropping, which will leverage the rng a little bit.

On top of that are you prioritizing Idol Echo Rewards?

Some idol affixes are a bit rarer than others, but I think they did increase the chance for these smite idol affixes a few patches ago.

They are still some of the rarer affixes.

Check if you have accidentally hidden them with loot filter. They are not so rare, so yea, probably just unlucky.

They also mentioned that they wanted to have some way to get the more build-enabling idols rather than just RNG.

But wouldn’t that just end up turning the game into some kind of [insert boogeyman] simulator?

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