Smite, Axe Thrower, Warpath

So, I’ve read other threads that say Axe Thrower procs Smite.

I have 4 idols Keen idols for a total of 31% chance to proc smite.

Axe Thrower says “whenever you hit an enemy…”

I can spin in circles with Warpath around the target dummy for 60 seconds and never one single Smite proc.

It works when I’m actually attacking enemies. It does make it difficult to test something on the test dummies if things like this don’t seem to fire. Is this a bug or as intended?

Unfortunately the training dummy isn’t flagged as an enemy, which is why your pets don’t attack it automatically, nor do things like Devouring Orb.

It’s annoying that it works this way. :frowning:

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Agreed. Or at least some sort of tip/guideline near the dummy that you can read to understand what it actually tests?

So then the dummy is really only good for seeing damage numbers as long as those damage numbers aren’t affected by an ‘enemy’ proc.

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