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Smelter's Wrath Possible Bug

Hey all. I am not posting this on the bug section cause I am not entirely sure it’s a bug. So, I have a FG char with +60% increased crit from the “duelist” FG node. Nothing else for crit. Thus, my melee crit is 8%. Smelter’s Wrath has a node named “Stinging Steel” which increases SW’s base crit by +3% for each second channelled. So, after 2 secs channelling, SW’s base crit becomes 11% ( 5% base + 6% from the node ).

In theory, SW’s crit should be 11x1,6=17,6 %. Thing is, I literally crit every time when fully charged (2 secs ). At first I thought I was lucky. But after some time, I went straight to the dummy to test this. I’ve spent the last 5 minutes using SW fully charged at the dummy. I’ve crit every time. Can someone enlighten me?

Thanks in advance.

Did you take the node that says guaranteed crit at full charge

I mean, ofc not :stuck_out_tongue: I wouldn’t be surprised if I had. I had planned to do so, but apparently now I don’t have to.

So another question: Are you using “Gamblers Fallacy”?

I saw somebody on reddit talking about critting 100% with his Bladedancer. Maybe theres a bug buried somewhere.

So if you don’t have GF equipped and not skilled the 100% crit node, this might be worth a bug report.

Also add a screenshot of your skilltree. Maybe it can be reproduced.

Or just upload the build to the build planner.

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Sry, I deleted the char cause I died. I am leveling another one right now and I will try to reproduce the bug along with a build planner.

Ok. I’ve tested this thoroughly. I’ve nothing on melee crit on purpose. With 1/3 on “Stinging Steel” node, my SW crit should be 7% ( 5% base + 2% from 2 secs charging ). 20 fully charged SW on dummy, 2 crits. 10% of hits were crits. Sounds about right.

With 2 points in “Stinging Steel”, my SW crit should be 9% ( 5% base + 4% from 2 secs charging ). 20 fully charged SW on dummy, 11 crits. Sth is wrong here. That’s 55% crit.

With 3 points in “Stinging Steel”, my SW crit should be 11% ( 5% base + 6% from 2 secs charging ). 50 fully charged SW on dummy, 38 crits. That’s 76% crit.

I think this is bug worthy.

Here is my build planner: Forge Guard, Level 44 (LE Beta 0.8.1e) - Last Epoch Build Planner

It could be a bug, it could also just be a statistical anomaly due to the small sample size. Unfortunately, my statistics-fu isn’t strong enough to be able to calculate the chance of getting your observed figures from chance.

That’s the reason I am not posting it as a bug. Tbh though, 38 crits out of a total of 50 hits equals 76% crit. That’s a big enough sample size to realize that sth is going on here.

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