[Smelter's Wrath] Furnace node not working

Furnace doesn’t channel with Smelter’s Wrath. You hold down to channel Smelter’s Wrath and there’s no Furnace. Broken node.

#bug-reports #skills #sentinel

No, it definitely works, but there is definitely a visual bug occurring. A single blast of flame will come up when you first start channeling and nothing afterwards, but watching health bars enemies are still taking damage while in the AoE. I assume Furnace’s AoE is the same as Smelter’s Wrath but with the missing graphics it’s hard to know for sure

In addition to the visual bug, there is a bug with the “Detonation” node (release in nova) with regard to Furnace. If you are specc’d into Furnace and Detonation you only deal furnace damage in a cone in front of you and not in a nova. Also, the multiplicative “more endurance threshold” from the Bolster node in Smelter’s Wrath is not displaying the appropriate endurance threshold in the character sheet or when you hover over health pool, however the armor updates. Not sure if it isn’t working at all or just visually. Please fix bugs.

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