Smelter's wrath - charge time

smelter’s wrath text says:

“2 second maximum charge time” which suggests that the attack should trigger at the 2 second mark, its taking longer than 2 seconds to fire the explosion attack and i’ve also taken 1 point in blacksmiths breadth which should reduce it by 10% (so the attack should trigger in less than 2 seconds)

it felt slower than expected so I timed it with a stop watch, even adding in an error rate of me stopping the time its longer than 2 seconds

I’ve double checked the code, and everything is setup correctly. There is a “casting time” before the effect of Smelter’s Wrath actually starts (like all abilities) so I think that’s what is causing it to seem like it takes longer. Blacksmith’s Breadth worked as expected for me too.


Why is there a cast time (& sometimes a cost a well for channelled skills)? I’m assuming it’s for “technical” reasons, but it does make things feel less responsive.

Kinda related but Shield Rush can feel unresponsive as it needs to wait for other skills to finish their animation & if you’re holding the key for Shield Rush down while another skill is animating (eg Shield Throw) then Shield Rush won’t fire off once Shield Throw is finished, which feels bad.

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