Small list of bugs

  1. Judgment node that cleanse for some reason doesnt remove armor shred. I have not tested shock maybe it also doesnt remove it.

  2. the goatman boss (the one that throws axes, beastmaster) for some reason attacks in weird directions, maybe its a problem of speed modifiers, i encountered it several times on 40+ monolith when this boss started attacking my but instead of throwing axe at me he just threw it from side to side as if he was drunk lol

  3. the dudes on the big boars(that also throw axes and charge) sometimes charge through textures. One example is on the desert city map, there is a bridge and they can charge right into the middle of the bridge from the side. But this may be not a bug and it looked only like they charged through textures while they didnt, its hard to tell for sure when they are so big.

Number 1 is working correctly for me-- note that Holy Eruption cleanses, not Judgement itself, so you have to be within the AoE.

Screenshots/videos will make it easier to look into the other two, but I’ll see what I can do.

here is short demonstartion as you can see he just sometimes throws axes but they dont hit me at all, and i have 0 dodge…same shit on pally who doesnt use ring of shield(i havent used it in this clip either) with him sometimes this boss didnt even try to aim at me, just threw it left and right.

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