Small amount of HC ARPG Player Feedback

Here’s my feedback as a long time HC PoE player. I think you guys need to look into monoliths first and foremost. It’s a good system but a lot of improvements can be made with it. For example I believe going through the normal monoliths to get to empowered monoliths is a drag and it is wholly unnecessary on a second playthrough. It just feels awful to play on Hardcore. Die and have to grind to get back to where you want to be. I believe a good compromise is just to do the boss and not any of the leading quests after you have completed them once on a cycle. Some small features I would change is on Circle of Fortune the prophecies are hidden unless you hold alt. I believe you should just show these automatically as holding alt down is not ideal. Prophecies as a whole are great and a nice addition to the game. That being said I’d perhaps like to see less Arena and Dungeon type prophecies so perhaps add hybrid lenses where you can get less arena and dungeon prophecies or less monolith and campaign prophecies as an example but at a 50% less rate rather than 100%. This would feel less punishing and open up more viability of other lenses like more unique items or more shields for example. Having the 3rd lens slot locked away so late into ranks is not ideal but maybe adding these hybrid mods will be more of a early game thing. I actually think a system where you can create and craft and combine lenses would be cool also.

Thanks for reading.