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'Slay both Imperial Spires' Monolith of Fate has no spires

I just got placed into a Monolith of Fate timelime where the objective was ‘slay both Imperial Spires.’ However, there were no spires.

I found it weird that I wasn’t seeing any lightning strikes, and then I cleared the entire area and found that there were no spires, which made me unable to complete the timeline.

I just encountered this bug again twice, but one time the objective was ‘Destroy all 3 Imperial Spires.’

All three times, the area it occurred in was Dark Plateau.

Also encountered this, Lagonian Port (Divine Era). Cleared the whole map, no spires anywhere.

Again in Volcanic City. Seems like this occurs anywhere that has the 2-3 Imperial Spire objectives.

The Fire ones work fine.

It seems like the spawning zone is a bit off for this type of quest. Example of activating them by just wandering through the spawning zone:

if you roam around the zone you can activate the quest and the spires spawn :slight_smile:

Also happened to me. I had to go closed to this wall to trigger the spawn of the spires.

We released a fix for this in 0.7.0d. Thanks for the reports!

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