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Skip confirmation button for reallocation

Recently I have been spending a lot of time respeccing my passive trees and skill trees and I had a thought occur to me. What if you had a button you can check mark so that you skip the repeated confirmations that keep happening? It would save me a lot of time when I am trying to remake my vengeance build into a shield/hammer throw build or when I am testing things for my werebear skill tree.

Not a bad idea for late game players

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Would love this. I’d even be happy if you could hold a hotkey to prevent the dialog box similar to how PoE lets you hold control when spending passive points so you don’t get a confirmation dialog.

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??? There’s a confirmation box in PoE?

More like once you select what passive points you want you have to click the apply points button near the center top of the screen if you don’t use the shortcut.

Though PoE also requires you to remove points individually if you use the shortcut or it requires you to press the confirm button once you finish highlighted the passives you want respeced if you dont use the shortcut.

You’re right. Would also be possible to press “confirm” once you have finished specing or respecing.

At the beginning I speced accidentally because I was not aware that I don’t have to confirm at the end. 》Click《“Oops!”

it would be wonderful if it were implemented to avoid silly mistakes and would further increase the overall quality of life of the game.

Yeah, wowow2264 corrected me. Been a while since I played and I forgot that holding ctrl just forced the point to be spent without having to hit ‘apply’ or ‘confirm’.

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