Skills, XP, respec/reset?

Hello there,
since a lot of poe content creators playing suprisingly LE in the last days,
i took a look at LE too.
But there is one point that isnt clear for me.

LE offers a lot of skill and options to build up an char.
But how does respec work?
Are there “orbs of regret”, just a respec button or a vendor who sells for some gold a respec option? So that i can invest my xp in some different skills.

  • Passives can be respec’d at a vendor in town for a gold cost,
  • skills can be respec’d in the field but it de-levels the skill (like in PoE) however there are also minimum levels below which you get the skill point back (which increase with player level up to slvl 10 at clvl ~70).

Lower level skills level faster in higher level areas so it’s not too bad respeccing a skill.

Skills gain xp when they are specialised.

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Ok, so its possible to reinvest (into other skills) the skill points immediately when i have de-leveled them?
Like PoE de-level some skills and invest the points somewhere else?

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No, the skill points are akin to gem levels (ignoring the minimum level concept). Passives you can move to other nodes or masteries.

Then what happens to the invested xp/time???

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Its converted into game knowledge :grin:

Yeah… it’s gone. But as stated, releveling is faster than the first leveling of a skill. During campaign skills you relevel will catch up with others.

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First i thought ur kidding, but than i googled/youtubed - and ur not joking…

This is a very bad gamplay descision.
I dont want to spend my time with leveling my respec build over and over again.
This is the worst way to grind for “nothing”.
I dont think that there are will be a lot player who enjoy this gameplay…


It really takes little time to level the new skills. You don’t start at zero and you the leveling is accelerated. I don’t really like this either, but I must admit it’s very well done and not really unpleasant.

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You are seeing it to critical, it is literally no issue even for casual players. At some point you get I think 18 of 20 points instantly back so you can always respec a skill and still have 18/20 points for the new one on the go. The last two points will be faster than before. This game is way more consumer friendly in any game aspect than PoE.

I think the current minimum skill level is 7. Meaning if you despecialize a skill an respecialize another, you will get 7 points immediately, and then you’ll have to continue leveling it from there.

I may be wrong as it’s been a month or so since I’ve respeced something from scratch but I think it’s actually 10?

Fair enough – lets ask the all knowing @Llama8 – whats the verdict here?

Yes, as @CaiusMartius says, the max Minimum Skill Level is 10 – which is reached at character level 80.


What would be the point in making a selection if you could just change it every five seconds? Most people want to have a “build” and not a “I am literally everything” like D3.


Try the game for awhile and become experienced. You will quickly learn how easy it is to respec, especially when combined with Arena runs. If you’re still unhappy, you will be able to voice a more informed opinion.


Llama8 has already answered if you just scroll up to my original reply…

I’m going to channel my inner grumpy old man here a bit, but I do wonder what the point is giving information if people are going to ignore it. Disagreeing with it is fine, you’re allowed to be wrong, but does nobody read replies in a short thread before diving in with their incorrect info anymore?

My apologies, I replied after getting a work email and didn’t realize you’d already replied…

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This argument is no argument because the equipment must match the skills,
and if u change the skills u also have to change the equipment.
So changing skills every five seconds is not so good as u pretend it is.


Unless you’re changing between melee/spell/minion/throwing/bow, the gear is unlikely to require a complete rework. While your gear for melee build A is unlikely to be BiS for melee build B, it’ll likely be sufficient to get you through things.

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There’s no point in arguing about this theoretically. If you haven’t experienced how it feels yourself you will stick to what your first impression is from reading.

There are a lot of new people enjoying the game since the “PoE crafting is crap, let’s try LE - hype”. I see very few complaints about the system currently. It’s “a bit” punishing if you try to swap your skills every 10 minutes.

But as stated before: The skill catches up with the rest while playing. If you are at lvl 25 and despecialise a skill completely you get some points back immediately. The rest of the skillpoints you get back faster compared to the rest of your skills. So around level 35 the respecced skill is around the same level like all other skills.

For a duration that respecced skill is weaker than your other skills. But this does not fall into account that much.

I raise these numbers just as an example, its not 100% accurate, but I want to explain the principle:

If you need 30h ingame to reach lvl 80, there’s no difference in time investment if you have never respecced a skill or have respecced a skill 5 times during campaign. You will have all skills at their max possible level equally because the releveled skill will have leveled faster to catch up with the rest. (Not true if you respecced shortly before reaching lvl 80 of course)

At lvl 80 you get 10 points back. All other skills are at lvl 18. You run 2 monolith and your releveled skill is around 16 (or even back at 18 - can’t say for sure)

The higher the content is the faster the releveling takes place. And you do it on the fly while playing the conted you also would have played if you had not respecced. Its not that respeccing locks you from doing progress untill you got your level back.

It’s similar to finding a new gem in PoE at lvl 30. You put it in a slot and take it with you while playing to level it up passively untill it reaches a level it is useful. Just in LE the skill isn’t useless on low levels (since you get some points refunded- more the higher your character level) and it catches up with the rest of your skills a lot faster.

It’s not painful or a progress stop. I can’t count how often I respecced skills during leveling (or even endgame). Sometimes 2-3 skills simultaneously.

On monolith I already have respecced all 5 skills simultaneously and still run the next mono timeline successfully.