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Skills randomly disfunction


first of all, great game!

Second: great bug^^:

I play on win 10 with a new xbox controller all via steam. So far so good.

After the latest update my skills don’t always seem to work and i have to relog. Or restart the game.

I see the skill is clicked in the ui when i push the button, but no skillaction follows. The character is not executing the skill.

And that accures totaly random. No reproducable situation.

Everything is fine untill it isn’t.

I still love the game thow it still is a little rough around the edges.

But i am sure you guys will produce a great game in the end.

So far i like that it’s early access. Not fake full price game scam release experience.

I support that.

I would love to be able to purchase outfits via a shop.


If it’s what I’ve been having, try moving your mouse around. Seems to happen especially after I’ve clicked through an NPC dialogue. I can run around and instant skills still work but nothing else does. Best guess, some mouse interaction glitches the transition back to controller and retransitioning fixes it. Cursor position may also play a role.

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Thx. I’ll try that.


Do you have your cursor hovering over UI elements when trying to cast a skill when you notice it failing?

I’m having exactly same issue mate. I’m on Windows 10 and Xbox controller too. Skills randomly not working I can see skill is clicked in the UI but character doesn’t perform it. I can’t use a skills on keyboard too when this happens. Sometimes reloading location helps but not always and I have to restart the game.