Skills and specializations

anyone else but me who wish for an oppurtunity to switch specializations in the beta ? i just passed 200 hours of playing but as a new player im cinda afraid to spec my caracter without following a build. im a typical offmeta player and i would really love the game even more if i had the opportunity to swap specializations on a caracter or maby be able to choose when i make a new caracter if i want to do storyline or just level my caracter after completed story with 1 character :smiley: your doing an wonderful job, find a way thath we can try all specializions on 1 class and the game are 100% perfect

Do you mean mastery or skill spec? No, I don’t wish i could change masteries and skill specs are fairly easy to change.

i think of the mastery skill you choose in lvl 25 thath u cant undo, im bad english and dton remeber the name :stuck_out_tongue:

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