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Skills and Passives Feedback and Suggestions

I have enjoyed playing the game so far, I love the skill specialization system. I’m still new to the game but I thought I’d provide some early feedback and suggestions.

A couple minor things first off, I feel like Sentinel should have a passive that gives attunement seeing as all three master classes have skills based around attunement. Lich master class should have a passive that gives dexterity for the melee oriented build.

The Necromancer Effigies passive would feel better if it was 100% chance to consume a minion and add a cooldown to it. I feel like this type of skill needs to be more consistent, I can understand it being too strong like this, maybe add a cap on the amount it can heal.

Summon Skeleton skill specialization - I would like to see a piercing arrow option for the Skeleton Archer.

Ice Thorns skill specialization - I would like to see an option to allow multiple thorns to hit the same target and an option to shoot out the thorns only in a forward direction.

Rebuke skill specialization - Wildfire Shell chance for Spreading Flames feels too low, I played with it for several hours and hardly ever noticed it at all.

Sentinel skill specializations should have more fire damage options to give the Paladin master class more options.

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