Skill Tree - Unable to see all of the skill tree

I’ve been having a bug since I began playing this game, I’m unable to see all of my skill tree, it cuts out the outer parts of it and I’m unable to move around it nor zoom out.

I do have a very old smaller screen, but this has never been in an issue in other games.

Here’s a screenshot of how it looks, as you can see the outer parts are completely cut out.

I’m assuming this is the same resolution bug plenty of people are having.

Try turning your resolution down to anything then back to where you want it. If this fixes it, it’s something you’ll have to do every time you log in or go back to character select screen.

I think I read somewhere that they may have a fix for it in testing, but wouldn’t swear to it.

I see, I couldn’t find anything on this problem but could be because I wasn’t searching on the right words.

I did try to change my resolution and such but nothing seemed to work, but if others are having the same problem I will simply wait until it’s fixed! Thank you for the response.

Could you please post the following two files?

You should be able to attach them to your forum post.

@Felk Could you please confirm whether you’ve a 4:3 monitor? The information I requested previously would also be helpful. This is not the same issue. We do need more information.

Yes it is a 4:3 moniter I’m using! I’m not at my PC at the moment so I will have to post the other information later.

Ok, we’ll have to take a look at setting that up to work with that aspect ratio. You’re probably also having some overlap issues with things like inventory and forging panel.

Yes I do, although not as bad as the skill tree.

Short term, if you would like to use one of those nodes with the current version, you can go to windowed mode and set a 16:9 aspect ratio to get access to those nodes.

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