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Skill Tree Bug

i have encountered a bug with skill lvls, whrn i lvl up my skills all is good, but when i exit the game, and come back, i have lost several skill lvls, but here’s the kicker, the skill points i have used is NOT missing, example: as of now i have lvl 3 summon skeleton on my necro, but i have 5 skill points set in the skill tree.

How are you exiting the game? The Exit Game button in the main menu (Esc), closing the window by right clicking the taskbar, task manager?

I would suspect that the issue might be caused by closing the game without using the Exit Game button.

i am using the esc - exit, as i am aware that when you alpha test, everything have to be done accordingly to how it is supposed to be done.

I have the same bug with the same skill (summon Skeleton). I had it at level 3, but when I logged back in I lost the three points I had allocated in Brittle Legion. I leveled to 4, added a point, closed the game (by pressing the X at the top right, I should have logged out properly), and the 1 point in Brittle Legion is still there but the other 3 are still missing.