Skill Tab Bug

Hello everyone,

I have just noticed today that when i open the skill tab and keep it opened for like 15-20sec, it freezes the game (cannot do any actions but I can hear sounds when hovering the mouse over buttons) and after about 10-15sec more it crashes the game with no error message, it feels like when you alt+f4 a game, just insta-closing.

I have tested this multiple times and each time it did the same (this makes things quit hard for me when i want to read skill upgrade descriptions).

I’m playing throughout steam and I’m not exactly sure if this happened to anyone else.

Thanks !

Sorry about this! I haven’t heard of anyone having this problem, and it didn’t happen when I tried just now. Does this happen with a skill tree open, or just the list of skills?

Can you please try to make the crash happen again, then post your log file? Your system information would be helpful as well. Thanks!

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