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Skill Stats Info?

I’ve been playing this game for a long time but I’ve never seen a stat information for a specific skill in the game, for example how much crit and ignite chance I have on my fireball I can only see my character stats. IS there a way to see it or I’m missing something?

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I always look up LE Tools or Tunklabs for information like that.

Yeah but we need information in game, sometimes you get crit chance or ignite chance on a specific type of skill but you don’t know how much % that skill has exactly, using external sources is kinda lame.

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I agree. The alt/ctrl/ctrl+alt system is already there. It’d be great if you could see everything ingame instead of needing to look up “how many will this one point affect my total dps/crit chance/odds of finding a bunny”.

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I agree, i just wanted to help you out and show you a good source if you havent seen it before. Even though i like to use those sides, i prefer getting more information ingame aswell. But tooltip dps/skill tooltip and character sheet in general is an ongoing process ehg is working on. I expected it to come out this year, but i havent heard about tooltip updates for a long time…

This is something that Mike W mentioned he wanted to resolve with the new character sheet and tooltip revamps they have planned. How detailed it gets wrt providing all the info is unknown i.e. providing the most pertinent info that you need while playing - vs providing everything.

Unfortunately all these updates were put on hold in favour of getting Multiplayer done so only time will tell if the planned updates will address some of the info “void” you are referrring to.

For now, tunks & dammits websites are the best options beyond building your own spreadsheet (which quite a few people do) for specific skills.

They’re working on that, it just got pushed back by mp.