+skill staff bug

Im use +1 melee skills staff and got +1 skill point.
Spend this point in my upheaval skill.
Unuse the staff and lost 1 random point in this skill.(not the last point)

This is by design to prevent abuse of the +skill affixes…

It randomly removes skill points points when removing the gear - it may seem silly on only 1 skill point, but if it was not random, it would allow someone to quickly respec a skill from, say for instance, multiple target damage to help clear while running a map, and then respect to single target damage just before fighting the boss.

in some instances you can get +6 or more skill points from gear so the devs dont want this possibility to exist in the game…

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It’s not random, it uses an algorithm that we aren’t privy to.

pedantic old fart… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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That’s mister pedantic old far to you young man!

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