Skill Specialization Progress feedback

Il get right into it with some feedback on the changes that came with the last patch making leveling skills to 20 much more tedious than what is was.
I truley enjoy the game less as a result of these changes becaus what i had the most fun with on all my seven characters is theory crafting and then redesigning my skill point or skills all together and comparing every run with the last.
This none stop theory crafting and testing EVERY single change i make throught the grinding process is what makes Last Epoch so darn good in my oppinion, now my enjoyment with the game has significantly reduced.
Tedious and locked isnt a fun mechanic.

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This was the first thing that came to my mind as well when I’ve seen the change myself for the first time. I’m not bothered by it very much but thought this topic would rise much earlier.

Im not as bothered by it anymore either on my Spellblade. Once i got in the high 20 echos with level 90 monolith the skill levels came faster, and i could mix things up and chase the next level.
But still my experience with a somewhat new character from monolith 55 to level 100 wasnt really that enjoyable, playing felt like a grind, before i had not once thought about Last Epoch as a grind or a chore. Every echo was another test run chasing that level up, compared to now just get annoyed if what i put together underperformed because iv set my self back, and the process of getting back to where i was is a bit tedious.

I would strongly argue before was extremely way too fast. You almost completed all your skill specializations before you even got to monolith content; I think I was always lv18~ with my skills. That fact is one of the reasons why I didn’t enjoy monoliths that much because it felt like majority of what I find super rewarding in this game is putting points into the skill trees and interacting with them. I also think that the compliment of now +1 skill points when it comes to progression being pushed into gear and being acquired very early was a great change. By the time you get to monolith you could very easy on SSF have +1 / +2 to one of your skills which in reality when it comes to power you aren’t losing much as you think you are.

I think since the game is in early access and we’re supposed to be essentially testing and providing feedback, that these skills leveling fast is just fine for this state of the game.

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