Skill Snapshotting

Good afternoon,

Been playing around a lot with builds etc, and what I’ve come to notice is the game/engine/coding seems to suffer a lot from snapshotting.

For instance, If I summon a minion with an idol that gives them a chance to apply marked for death on hit, then remove the Idol once the minion is summoned, the minion retains the ability to apply MFD, which then allows me to put something more useful in that slot, resistance idol etc…

Also another issue I have noticed is applying infernal shade and dread shade, If I apply infernal shade first, my minion takes damage at a slower rate, starting at like 50 dps and lets the minion stay alive for minutes, if I apply dread shade first, then the damage starts at 800+ and the minion dies within 10/15 seconds.

Seems to be an issue with how the coding/maths are written I guess.

A lot of these issues really remind me of Lineage 2 L2J back in the day, a lot of issues with depending what order you apply your buffs, items etc, gave you bigger boosts with additive and multiplicative bonuses.



Yup. I’m praying that this is removed at some point. It would be much easier if gear and damage effects were real time on gear. Especially for damage over time skills.

Exactly, It’s stupid because unless you go around trying to trick the game, you leave damage on the table, I have just tested with minion fire/cold damage for my fire wraiths, It snapshots that as well, so put on 4 gran Idols with +minion damage, summon everything, then take them off, they keep the + damage…

Yeah idk about this - I don’t think it works consistently or for all minions. If you have minions summoned as a beastlord, you can see they are proccing poison etc. Then if you equip the staff that says 180% to ignite on minion hit, you can see they ignite like they are supposed to, without resummoning them. Tried snapshotting with it, but only seemed to work a little bit, like it was working only on 1 out of 4 minions.

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