Skill Queue - take it seriously please

Hi, I’ve seen some similar threads over the past popping here and there but haven’t found any response on the problem. Now we’re in the release phase and no resolution still has been given.

I played a lot since the release. mainly squirrel beastmaster because it’s funny. This build require a lot of buff management so I have to press 3 buttons for buffs on CD while constantly Swiping enemies by holding RMB. The problem is pretty damn obvious here. I have to stop attacking to somewhat reliably apply buffs overwise skill icons just blinking on key press and nothing happens.

It becomes even more relevant when skills like Warcry remove status effects. And i’m unable to utilize this effect without thinking. Literally, in the middle of the fight I have to stop attacking, press skill key several times, take a quick look at the skill if it has been fired… This is so uncomfortable. It should be played in fire-and-forget style instead.

So, I want to make sure when I press the skill button during the attack skill spam/hold the skill will fire. This QoL will be HUGE. Thank you.


Bump! Not having proper skill queuing makes playing the game annoyingly clunky… You press the skill button 0.1s too early during previous animation and nothing happens. Even more horrible when there is two skill combos you need to play. I’m pretty sure the skill queuing was better in early beta stages. what happened?

Yeah it’s actually awful. The game can’t handle some of it’s own instances and the frames start going everywhere, latency goes up, and here’s the best part, your skills don’t queue so as slow as the game is, is as slow as you can press buttons. Awful experience trying to play a slideshow with slideshow inputs after 200 corruption.