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Skill Points

I understand skills unlock through leveling, but when do they unlock?

Is it every level, every other level, set levels like maybe level 3 then again at level 7?

If you look at the skill screen it’ll show you which skills unlock at which character levels & which ones unlock based on passive point allocations.

Orrect, I apologize I worded my question poorly.

When do you acquire more specialization points? I have unlocked my first specialization and want to know when I will be able to put more points into that specialization.

Every time you level up, you gain 1 skill point to increase your Passive skill tree (P key). As you progress you will unlock different skills/abilities (S key). At the top of the skill screen, you will be able to allocate skills to focus on leveling; only skills specialized will gain levels. Each of the 5 skill slots will unlock as you progress through your levels. Once allocated, each one of these skills will gain XP as you gain XP. They will level up independently, and you will earn skill points (20 max), to increase these skills.

In regards to your ‘specialization’, I assume you are referring to your class specialization. Once you hit level 20, AND finish the quest line in Act 4 I believe, you will be able to unlock one class specialization (this choice is permanent). After you choose this, you will be able to allocate passive skill points to that skill tree.

I hope this answers your question!

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The skills you specialize in level independently from your character. When you earn XP by killing monsters or complete quests, you gain XP for your specialised skills. You get a message and a little symbol on the bottom right next to your skill bar whenever you level up a skill.

Skill levels are somehow tied to your character level in a sense that you can only progress a skill to a certain level before it is capped and you need to level up your character, too.

So it’s not possible to level a skill to 20 before your character has a minimum level.

I don’t know the numbers, currently. But if you tab “s” and click on one of your specialised skills, you have a progress bar on the top left. This bar is filling while you gain XP. If this bar is at zero and seems not to gain any progress, you hit one of the caps. The progress will stop until you have level up your character again.

This is to have an even sense of progress of skill levels compared to character level.

Just an additional hint:
If you respec one of your skills (single points, new skill whatever) from this point on there’s a catch up mechanic in place that levels the respecced skill faster than before so it will be on par again with the other skills at some point.

This mechanic is not that noticable at first, but it becomes more obvious the higher level you are. So if it looks slow on low level, it will become a lot faster the further you progress.

On top with character level you unlock minimum respec point refund. The game notifies you about it with a small head/brain symbol popping in whenever you reach such a point. You then get a refund for a specific amount of skillpoints when you respec. For example if you respec/ despecialise at char level 85 (not sure if this is the exact threshold), you get a refund of 10 points.

This doesn’t work if you respec from 20 to 19 as it is only working for the first 10 skillpoints.

I hope this helps a bit.

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